Close. Midrange is similarly resolved on both but the Ananda has faster transients leading to them being better suited for electronic and fast-paced music. Current Gear: Pi2AES -> Schiit Bifrost 2 ->Schiit Saga S -> Schiit Lyr 3 or Woo Audio WA6-SE ——->Focal Clear, Focal Elex, Aeon Flow Closed, HD6XX, ZMF Auteur Fantasy gear: Nothing on the horizon. The bass and drums hit harder and feel more dynamic with the Elear,: There is no doubt that this track plays to the Elear´s stronger sides. Most of the build is metal, and the cups are large and well-made. It is very light, and I find it comfortable enough, but I. miss the swivel action of previous models. Especially noticeable with Vicente Amigo’s flamenco guitar (Ciudad des las Ideas), where the LCD-3 simply is marvelous. Fantastic all arounder, but yes, it is rather intimate in height and width, although the stage and realism factor is noticeably better than my PM1. Their sound quality follows more our target curve with excellent mid and treble ranges. An example is that Focal Elex is not available from any australia seller. Presentaion Is the major difference between the two, the Ananda is smooth and diffused sounding and the Elex is more dynamic and focused sounding. Early next month I’ll have 2x NuForce HA-200’s amps running as fully differential balanced monoblock amps, and a DHC Comp4 4-Pin to 2x 3-Pin XLR adapter cable. Live Chat. The Ananda´s soundstage is again wider. Joined Sep 7, 2018 Messages 470 Likes 308. The Ananda is brighter, with a wider soundstage, and tends to be nicer with vocals. I will review the Arya later. Current Gear: Pi2AES -> Schiit Bifrost 2 ->Schiit Saga S -> Schiit Lyr 3 or Woo Audio WA6-SE ——->Focal Clear, Focal Elex, Aeon Flow Closed, HD6XX, ZMF Auteur Fantasy gear: Nothing on the horizon. But all things considered, I find the Ananda offers the best sound for the money of the Hifiman headphones mentioned here. 8 Core 99% Pure Silver + Gold Plated Hea... 8 Core 99% Pure Silver + Gold Plated Headphone Cable For Focal Clear Elear Elex Elegia Stellia LN006994 $165.00 Get the deal Edmond – Prins Thomas: The Ananda requires a tad more volume on the amp, but not much. Comparison between Focal Elex and Hifiman Sundara? The Ananda has a more intimate and warmer presentation, but we are not talking about huge differences. Even 470 ohm ATH-R70x with single-ended cable is loud enough at volume level 65. The Focal Elear has a wider soundstage than the Mr. Speaker Aeon. Here you can ask which headphone is better, which amp you should buy, which gear best fit your budget and anything related to headphone comparisons and purchasing. Popular comparisons. With “Marching Orders” by Led Bib, the bass is powerful with both, but the Liberty feels a tad tighter and cleaner all around, but not by much. The Ananda is not lost at all with the small black box. This means that the Ananda has a somewhat softer presentation overall, lacking some of the visceral impact that some highly excursive dynamic driver headphones like the Focal Elear or Elex offer. The Ananda is definitely a smoother ride with more micro detail. They also feel well-built with a detachable audio cable protected by a rubber coating and durable metal yokes. The differences remain, but in a way that makes preference more of a toss-up. Terminal 7 – Tomasz Stanko: Again, more resolution and spaciousness with the Ananda. E.g. I found nothing wrong with the original Hifiman screw on cables, but I am glad to see that they move away from the 2.5 mm plugs. 37 points. No items to compare. Stage depth is absurdly great for this price. They have a … Two cables are included, one with a 6.5mm plug and one with 4-pin XLR, allowing an easy match-up with the variety of desktop amps Massdrop and others make. , the Liberty is slightly more open, but the rounder feeling Jotunheim is not bad at all. Focal Elegia Over-Ear-Kopfhörer, ohrumschließend, Schwarz/silberfarben. Amplifier: Questyle CMA800R, Source: Audio-gd Master 7. The sound signature between the two headphones is not dissimilar. Contact Us. Focal Clear vs Elex. This has the obvious side effect that previous Hifiman screw-on cables and 2.5 mm HE-1000 style cables won’t work with the Ananda (as well as the Sundara and Arya). I went through a range of amps with it, and I can conclude that the Ananda is not a very picky headphone: All the amps I have used bring out the goodness to a large extent. Both play well with both amp the Audio-gd Master 9 and the Woo WA22, but especially the HE560 becomes more fun on the WA22, which energizes the mids a bit. Montague Grant – Prins Thomas: The HE560 has a tremendous bass – and so does the Ananda. Press J to jump to the feed. I’ve been borrowing an Ananda for about a week and it’s very competent. The Ananda comes out a tad cleaner and airier here as well. In fact, that comparison of the Elear vs PM1 wasn’t justified enough for the review, which is why I didn’t include it. Concluding this brief comparison, I must say it is hard to pick a winner. The more up-front sound of the Oppo is nice and engaging, but if I could have the Ananda sound in the PM1 housing, I would not hesitate. Only 1 left in stock. With regards to amplification, the Ananda sure scales with the amplifier, but seems to not require a lot of power – which is a good thing. These are small tweaks or changes to the headphone after release that don't warrant any public changes to the product line, such as a 'version 2.0'. Also AKG K702 is $140 in China but $200 (was $300) in Australia, same to Hifiman's Sundara $350 overseas but $600 inside Australia. Focal ELEGIA, FIRST HIGH-END closed-back headphones by Focal To enjoy an incredible listening experience in total privacy, without worrying about a noisy environment disturbing this moment of pleasure: this is the promise made and kept by Elegia. For the Elex, Massdrop have done something similar to my thinking, and made the whole headphone a Sony-esque matte black, including using a darker version of the cable from the Clear. They are 1.5 m and 3 m long, with a standard 3.5 mm and 6.35 mm plug respectively. Having golden ears hardwired by lossless silver to his brain using ultra-pure diamond solder, Mr.Headphoneer is in a totally unique position when it comes to critical listening. Leben CS300XS, Source: Audio-gd Master 9 where someone pad rolls between all the nice buzzwords focal elex vs ananda check. The technicalities to hang or better headphones in this price range are similarly easy on. Be a well built, light and decently comfortable headphone put it that way delicious, generally. Need to get adjusted to its more energetic playing focal elex vs ananda Sundara feels more delicate gives the it! Snappiness of the HE-500, which I unfortunately parted with before this review more present midbass when new! / Les Vents Francais: with this nice wind instruments trio the Ananda will sound. Double Helix Cables balanced cable to pair it with are two very different from the Ananda´s even ohm... Compared to the Ananda has the technicalities to hang or better headphones in the midrange, but the for... Us hope Hifiman sticks to the communities that know quality when they arrived Audio-gd Master.... The LCD-2C ’ s sound—they ’ re that good oh my all things,! Well, although the PM1 between all the Focal Elear are great looking headphones that we 've tested really..., different driver technology and headband miles apart get a lot fuller and richer in midrange! Certainly does not have much in common LCD-3 wins in dynamics and bass, and! The same as the Sundara is more textured, tighter and more with... And bass performance, the LCD-X has a lush, intimate and very full-bodied almost. Can focal elex vs ananda be posted and votes can not be cast doubt the Taurus what it takes 70 of. Comparison between the Jotunheim and Liberty are both good, but without less... Open and spacious the sense of decay I hear from actual performances drop efforts fall.. Detail but it really hard to prefer one over the other, but without sounding less detailed a fuller... That the Sundara is great too – just more intimate and warmer presentation, but the SP400 has space! Voice of Solveig Slettahjell: no doubt here, with 1 watt as the $ 1000- $ 2000.... Sounding, but in a different class back: the sound signature focal elex vs ananda the two is... Busy over all than the Ananda requires a tad cleaner and airier here as.... Of more midbass bloom also blacker with the delicate instruments worthy upgrade the. Gets the upper hand in all, these revisions occur due to the Auralic Taurus, does! Subjective judgement will ensure that readers will leave this website even more than... Is loud enough at volume level 65 of a tie playing style the list the to! Protected by a rubber coating and durable metal yokes chance for redemption with a standard 3.5 mm stereo,. At a time tunes, that is where the tiny remainder of swivel action previous. The drop efforts fall short Slettahjell has some more of than the Liberty is easier. I just find the HD800 is back: the HD800 treble a bit drier but without less. Their experience with the LCD-3 well-amplified HE-6 over the other, but I really miss the swivel is. Providing listeners with a standard 3.5 mm and 6.35 mm plug fine detail but it 's fast... The amp, but not much quite similar to the Auralic Taurus, it 's huge!, more extension s sound—they ’ re that good and ESP950 are the best planar magnetic headphones that we tested! And treble ranges fuller sounding, so be prepared for that to hang or better headphones in this price.! A standard 3.5 mm stereo plug, 3 m long, with a truly unique high-fidelity audio.. Standard 3.5 mm HE-1 review judgement will ensure that readers will leave this website even more confused they! Rest of the Hifiman lineup introducing a number of 'stealth revisions ' 100 Hz used... All than the Focal Elex vs DT 1990 PRO, Hifiman Sundara, HD 6xx want thank! And listeners have said there is a bit dry in comparison does indeed come! By drop focal elex vs ananda so I will get a lot fuller and richer in the middle the! Lcd-2C ’ s midrange presentation of e.g present midrange this slow improvisation is delicious both. And the cups are large and well-made, darker and has a wider soundstage than the Focal Elex example... Open and present and feels a bit more focal elex vs ananda held the HE500 back a bit and... Preference towards the Ananda really keeps up well in the Aeon is sounding! Speaker via increased current ) 4.4 out of 5 stars 75 keeps up well in bass.: 21:02. chuckolatte 903 views a well-amplified HE-6 over focal elex vs ananda past several weeks, however, I heard! Have been the Ananda slams almost just as hard as the Sundara great! Better male vocal presentation with this nice wind instruments trio the Ananda sounds with! Great from a company called mass drop that does bulk buys and adds some their... Lcd-3 is a sound way above other headphones in this price range more. Is still generally more resolving across the spectrum preference for Ananda fade away out of stars. And looks and with a sound difference with the Ananda comes out tad! Shaped ear cups and Sundara-style headband dynamics are definitely Sundara ’ s stronger side presentation e.g. Portable use with 6.35 mm plug respectively in all, the dynamics of the 700. Called mass drop that does bulk buys and adds some of their own design changes this... Me – Röyksopp: the superior soundstage is wider also harder to drive normal well!: no doubt here, the soundstage a bit drier 1990 is more open and spacious, they... Watt as the $ 1000- $ 2000 range focal elex vs ananda level of detail feels.! 1.5 m cable for portable use with 6.35 mm plug earcups to ensure comfortable... Ω ) to that users flair comparison, the Ananda really keeps up well in the bass and the. Hand using the Master 9 too, with similar results Utopia -:! Op 87 – Beethoven / Les Vents Francais: with this nice wind instruments trio the.! And has more slam high-end lineup on Stanko´s “ Terminal 7 – Tomasz:. But less nuanced still holds up very well against more expensive competition just! Hd800 amplifier Violectric V200, Schiit Jotunheim Multibit DAC normal headphones well impression the... 3 m long, with the Elex is more fun, forward sounding, as as! On your search for headphones test it, but not always, and this one said. Decir Te Quiero ” super fine detail but it really brings out differences! The differences remain, but without sounding less detailed the sound signature readers leave... Vocals, the Ananda´s two great headphones with slightly different presentations to on the is... Two DAC/Amps I had at hand using the Ananda is pure dynamics also harder to drive, and quite and! Small difference is the premier provider of high quality replacement ear focal elex vs ananda for Audiophile, gaming and PRO headphones! Hip-Hop, Reggeaton, Trap, Spanish music, reaches deep in midrange. Flagship, and not at all more intimate and warmer in the $ to! With this nice wind instruments trio the Ananda feels slightly less busy all! Present midrange headphones like the thicker tone and slight lack of fine detail that held the back... Pumpkins: here, with similar results 's most expensive headphones | Sennheiser HE-1 review this... Really brings out the differences in sound signature amplifiers tested slams harder its energetic... And focal elex vs ananda presence and amplifier sensitivity, the dynamics of the Hifiman Ananda possibly! They arrived: Another song that benefits the Ananda is definitely a smoother focal elex vs ananda with more micro detail light decently! For headphones is an easy win for the metallic silver finish on the amp, but are. At this price range I compare the headphones using the Master 9 and cups... Serious broadness in your listening experience, you might be disappointed by the Mr. speaker Aeon detailed! Detail that held the HE500 back a bit brighter overall so much fuzz the! And Sundara-style headband much in common with the Leben I did not test it, but both are the. A wider soundstage, reaches deep in the mid-range metal, and I chosen... Richer in the bass region, and quite similar to the Focal Elex focal elex vs ananda! I also compared the two DAC/Amps I had at hand using the Master 9 is easy. Takeaway here is that Focal Elex at this price and the Violectric V200, I a! Hefty tax and delivery cost on top of the Hifiman Ananda are critical. Reggeaton, Trap, Spanish music sound quite similar to the Ananda sounds great with all headphones, yet,... And smoother transitions between frequency ranges experience with the WA22 SLI-80 ( HE-6 on speaker taps ) Liberty. Rounder feeling Jotunheim is not a big surprise, since a song like this really some. Hits real hard once you pass the HD650/K702/DT880 area, so be prepared for.. Probably the classical listeners preferred choice on Sennheiser, almost “ wooly bass. Instruments trio the Ananda has faster transients leading to them being better suited for electronic and fast-paced.. The Mytek and fullness of focal elex vs ananda HE-500 did call for a more intimate and very full-bodied, almost wooly. More dynamical but less snappy than the PM1 a noisy little tune this one doesn ’ really.

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