Assume you won't be able to fire the big guns for the first couple of turns, and position to break line of sight. Check out TFT origin info here. Gives you on average 11.67 hits compared to the normal gatling cannons 8 hits, giving you a total of 9.72 and 6.66 dead GEQ's respectively. Forgeworld only stock twin lightning lock moiraxs or Volkite/Claw. Any opponent foolish enough to charge you now must survive overwatch from two giant autohitting superflamers. Tough as nails. Yeah, odds are that volcano lance will fuck up a Leviathan Dreadnought, but if he gets lucky with his saves, at least you have these bad boys hanging around. This allows you to get in some serious cycle charging turn after turn to ensure your Household Tradition's extra attacks are always active. which has our friend clock in at 750 points(!!) Let's face it, you like the fatties. While having two melees does nothing for you, a pair of Rad Cleansers will make everyone cry for cheap. Stratagems - Order of Companions (3 CP): Use during the shooting phase. 5 out of 5 stars (45) 45 reviews $ 165.00 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Renegade Imperial Knight Indivisible Armour Kit (Warhammer 40k) LegioModels. At first glance, Houses may seem akin to the sub-factions of the other Codexes, but the difference of some of them being Questor Imperialis or Questor Mechanicus means they have different access to a trio of mutually-exclusive Stratagems and Relics and the corresponding Allegiance Oath introduced in Engine War. These guys have lost the big "D", and in exchange do a flat 6 damage per hit. Then again, this adds a guaranteed 6" to the Thermal Spear, which when you throw in Stormstrider brings the range to 50" (30 + 6" range, 14" move). Take the Astra Telepathica, a Culexus or the Inquisition. This gives me a lot of points if I want to do the Vows as I write the list. Did you also happen to read how you can give your Lancer a 3++ up there? Relics - The Hunter's Eye: Nullifies cover bonuses against the user's attacks. Effectively a. All are armed with Concussion Grenades that are like Frag Grenades but are Grenade D3, and add 1 Damage if the target unit is within 1" off a terrain feature. Excellent against all targets, as the mortal wounds bypass armour and invulnerability saves, but can also splash over into those annoying infantry swarms. To give you some perspective, Magnus fighting his "weight" in Culexi (about 4.88) of them, having brought Warptime, Weaver of Fates, and Prescience, even with the Culexi debuffing him and shutting down his Smite, will kill the Culexi faster than they can kill him, statistically. Remember, if you brought Elucia Vhane, using this will destroy your army - this technically has you set them up in a teleportarium chamber, which is not a transport, and while not on the table, nothing can be within 6" of anything else - Elucia can't even be within 6" of herself - so the entire unit will count as being destroyed. The catch? Household Traditions - Omnissiah's Grace: Straight and simple 6+++ against non-mortal wounds, totaling to T8 3+/5++ranged/6+++. On the other hand, mortal wounds spill over, so there's no need to use her for assassinating a single target - against single wound units, she'll simply murder 1d3 targets, and she's a, The net result between her shredder and her melee is that if you want her assassination drop to be productive, it is. Lots of large prominent areas for freehand painting. Relics - Honor's Bite: Replaces a reaper chainsword. You could use this to make an enemy commissar BLAM one of his friendly guardsmen. Haven't included flyers because I am lazy. Important to note that since this and Benevolence of the Machine God don't share the same name (at least if they don't FAQ it out) if you have an Adeptus Mechanicus detachement, you could use both in the same phase to give two different knights a 5+ negate mortal wounds if you need to. A 3+ armour and 5++ invulnerability save is nothing special to write home about, especially as most knights don’t get their invulnerability save against melee attacks. Unless you’re up against “small arms” fire you will take a surprising amount of damage very quickly. Still, two Krak missiles and successful autocannons can take just about anything down. For Fortification detachments, you’ll need at least one fortification (which by the way, Necrons and Space Marines just had theirs revealed). Combined with the +1 attack Seneschal warlord trait, the House Griffith trait on the charge for another attack and the paragon gauntlet to give you a package which will deal 31.11 damage to a warhound Titan and more than enough damage to one shot any knight that doesn’t have an invulnerability save better than a 5++. You will hate the day that you get plus two movement every game. Knight Crusader [25 PL, 523pts]: Character (Knight Lance), Heavy ... it has been pointed out that 9e Chaplains now must be on the board to ... regional and local meta, news and events surrounding the competitive scene, and for workshopping lists and tactics in the various games that fall under the Warhammer catalogue. A bit more useful to Armigers, since not only trying 3 charges is better than a single one, nor because of their exclusive Pack Hunters stratagem, but that allows you to bring up to three Thermal Spears into melta range, while Questoris either bring just one or a weapon with enough range that it doesn't need to outflank. Currently you can take an Imperial Guard detachment alongside Space Marines easier and with no negatives but get penalized for a single assassin. In the case of Cerastus Knights, they all lose one wound to go to 26 total, and all but the Lancer have their speed reduced to 12" (the Lancer keeps the 14" movement). Basically adds 2" to the movement characteristic of all knights within 6", as they can advance every turn without penalty. Household Traditions - Firestorm Protocols: When targeting the closest enemy unit with a ranged weapon, re-roll hit rolls of 1. Great at wrecking vehicles and MCs, but they can be very binary - there's lots of things like Dreadnoughts with >6 wounds that take two hits to kill and can leave a nasty mark if they get to hit back, so it's always advisable to try to soften these targets up a bit first. Download . Just be aware that if you turn up to your FLGS with an army of just knights and assassins your name will be mud before the day is out. Not a good trade. Download . They have an extremely close relationship with the Forge World Metalica, and have numerous smaller Knight Houses and Freeblades that have sworn fealty to House Raven, which has allowed House Raven to swell its ranks of Knight Suits by a tremendous quantity. The smash profile clocks in at S: User, AP-2, 3D along with x3 hit rolls - and no -1 to hit! to 520 points, the Atropos is now a premier vehicle/monster hunter. You'll still have the keyword you chose and will be able to use Stratagems though! ... Acastus Knight Asterius - Horus Heresy Datasheet. Give to your knight gallant with the correct keyword trait for a total of 7 attacks on the charge, allowing a knight to kill anything smaller than a reaver titan. Notably, this happens at the end of the phase meaning your Knight isn’t just going to be pasted immediately. The former gets a disgusting -2 to hit and has high volume, high strength attacks, which is great for vehicles and characters. Very nice to have one, as this is the only legal way to free re-roll your damage roll. A Hawkshroud knight valiant can provide fantastic protection for imperial allies, for 2cp it can fire it's overwatch including that auto-hitting conflagration cannon at a charging enemy unit, this is a potentially game winning strategy particularly if your opponent is caught off-guard. a Land Speeder Storm, as scout is (we think) not a Faction keyword, there is a much less clear argument to be made around Primaris. Also makes the Castellan's Plasma Decimator safer to use when overcharged. The founding materials for the colonists were the ship themselves, while they were able to flourish and expand thanks to STC machines. Not to mention, if your enemy wants to lessen the likelihood of their non-vehicles shooting each other, they'll need to spread them out, hopefully out of weapons range. Try not to overload on these things. As of the IA Compendium, these guys are affected just fine by all your fancy Codex rules apart from the heirlooms and exalted court stratagems. Will only activate against a small collection of opponents, and will deactivate as soon as the unit drops below 10 models. With the way morale works in 8th, this may not help you very much. The Imperial Armor Compendium has gifted us with a duel profile Siege Claw! The original Knight Worlds were founded during the Dark Age of Technology, settled by Humanity in its first great stellar exodus. So yeah, take the damn claw! It can be worth it to force your enemy to really dedicate firepower into a 80-120 pt unit to keep your 200 pt ones safe. A good tactic would be to fire the RFBC last; 72" is long enough to reach almost anywhere on the board and it's pretty difficult to hide from a Knight. Two shooting phases at random dice is statistically better than one at max shots, same with two movement phases rather than one slightly better one. Think of those long-range Heavy Flamers and those new Multi-meltas. Take helm of nameless warrior for 2+ws. One of your Knight within 12" can fire Overwatch at the charging unit, and if the charge was successful that model can perform Heroic Intervention (just like a CHARACTER) with a 2d6" move at the end of the phase. Well I was pretty proud, and it is very late but I wanted to share the Mathammer I did of Quantum Shielding too as chef asked: This is considering a D6 damage weapon, that goes straight through the armour before (and considering those stats wounding on a 3+, and all of this are after hitting): Current you have a 1/2 of wounding and a 2/3, with an expected damage of 3.5. There are two sensible ways to run inquisition: As of the WD update, Supreme-Command detachments with 3 psykers are no longer legal due to the one inquisitor maximum per detachment clause. The Acastus Knight Porphyrion packs some of 40Ks biggest laser weapons. As a result, you're usually better off picking something else, and committing to getting within 36". Seriously consider giving these guys the 'Ion Bulwark' warlord trait. Grab a knight and charge the thing, kick it over with your huge fucking robot feet, then smash it with your giant metal fist and chuck the turret at the enemy captain. Sit on objectives and slaughter Infantry in a hail of high caliber shells while your bigger Knights destroy the bigger targets and act as fire magnets. Making them a psyker makes them more vulnerable to certain anti-psyker units/options. Force Techniques [edit | edit source] You have learned improved techniques to attune yourself to The Force. Spectacular when you consider the options Knights have for high rate of fire and/or auto-hitting weapons. Warlord Trait -Veteran of Gryphonne IV: All damage received in the Fight phase is reduced by one to a minimum of 1. Still, it's a widely owned model so it will see play. D1d3 weapons vs. TEQ has an effective damage of 1.67, not 2. Looses no effectiveness when targeting Gravis-armored primaris marine compared to the usual sort without added defenses, scoring one kill per failed 4+ armor save. Which is not ideal of course, but on a model with so many wounds, it sort of does take a bit of the danger out of it (hint: House Raven players using their house command benefit "order of companions" to re-roll all 1s, letting you overcharge this (and by this i mean replace the plasma decimator with the cawls wrath relic) and do 3 damage a shot with a little chance to self damage. Your trade-off is no psychic powers but some psychic defense. Stygies VIII Dragoons and Fulgurite Electro-Priests are great alpha strike melee options that can infiltrate at the start of round 1 for 1 CP each (Post BIG FAQ 2 that stratagem changed to a 9" scout move rather than a full infiltrate). Sir Hektur is an especially good pick for infantry-heavy Guard; he reduces the chances of them fleeing after a failed morale test, and if Canis Rex is destroyed he'll have plenty of screening units to hide behind. I really appreciate the time taken to introduce us to 9e and walk us through some of the new rules. If you put your knight down with three colors and no decals you're kinda missing out on some spectacle for your army. Cue the tears. This brings the Cerastus Knights closer to the Questoris chassis. With the release of Imperial Knight Renegade, I was able to see that reality come true...all I had to do was to do these awesome and massive models justice. It still does surprisingly well in the anti-tank role with its high rate of fire and assurance that if a shot does wound, it's going to fucking hurt - provided you are shooting targets that have a 3+ or better save, at least 4 wounds, and don't have a great invuln, this will usually be your best gun. It lets you fight twice, btw. It should be noted that he can be included in a mechanicus detachment but then the detachment loses its oaths. The basic Knights that have been around since 6e, now joined by the Preceptor. And having this trait to roll two dice for each of their Thermal Lance attacks is pretty tasty, meaning you'll rarely roll a one and have a 2/3 chance of fishing for the 3. Use it to deal the final few points of damage to Slamguinius that charged you! Use on a Castellan, point at one or two things you want to delete and commence the hurt. If your dice get cold and your other knights leave some stragglers, you can use the cannon(s) to clean up. This can't be stressed enough. Even if you're limited to just the front of their lines, this still leaves you with a knight on full health in melee range. Combined with its 2+ BS 6 shots S12 Ap4 D6 makes it outperform the errant. If your opponent is a monster or a vehicle, they have a 1/3 chance of getting 'pooned in overwatch. A solo NOFOS inquisitor in an imperium army (So actually playable awesome + fluffy one inquisitor in a requisitioned army) Also due to GW wording correctly for a change doesn't block SM doctrines, Admech canticles, or Adepta Sororitas Sacred Rites. All of this means that you “only” need 20.25 shots from this gun to take him down, and for Guillimans price you can buy two Armigers which can pump out an average of 16 of these shots a turn (although this doesn’t take into account his regeneration ability or the fact he’ll be hiding behind meat shields). This was done alongside a 100 (one hundred) point reduction(!) Stratagems - Controlled Aggression (1 CP): Use before a model fights. 9th mission structure doesn't lend itself to knights. While being a knight preceptor model it gains access to the capacitor charge stratagem. Then, 8th edition has happened. Combine with household traits for more goodness, Terryn being the best. Relics - The Headsman's Mark: Improves damage for all weapons by 1 when targeting an enemy with 10 or more wounds. In the grim darkness of the far future, duty is eternal This can Deep Strike in, while carrying you; you can't disembark on the same turn, but you can do so later, and right next to anything you like, without the standard 9" restrictions on a Deep Strike, thanks to the Valkyrie's best-in-the-game disembark special rule. In short, you either need an excellent invulnerability save or quantum shielding to survive melee with this adamantium monster. Overwatch is now a core stratagem that you pay 1 CP to use, meaning most forces will only be able to use it once per charge phase. Kyria Draxus - Despite having a 2+ WS, her only melee weapon is a power fist, meaning that she will hit with it as well as most others would hit with a power sword, on top of paralysis grenades that force one model within 1" to attack last (or makes any models that must attack first lose that perk). The one plaguefly in the sacred machine oil is that the MCBC is limited to 1 per knight, making it a terrible choice in practice - outside of 36", it'll do a credible job of chipping away at things, but at a worse points efficiency than just about anything else you can field, and inside of 36", it's worse than any of the 5 point guns. Page 1 of 9 - Tactica: Imperial Knights (Blood Angels and Cult done) - posted in + ADEPTUS MECHANICUS +: This thread is still under construction. 17/02/2019. The Index entry for a Primaris Psyker has the keyword for Astra Telepathica so can be used to fill out your detachment with a HQ for the extra CP and some psychic support. so unfortunately you cannot spam a dozen Knosso Pronds to run around the field causing havoc. Why yes. Has a strong niche against Light Vehicles with good armor, like Armoured Sentinels and Landspeeders, but the Lightning Lock and Volkite Veuglaire have very similar stats at a better range. Negate to 3+ armour save and a good chance to deal a lot of extra damage. If and only if taken with an adeptus mechanicus detatchment he is a valid target for adeptus mechanicus and mars strategems such as dataspike to give some CC bite vs vehicles also (acquisition at any cost+recover archeotech at any cost) gives larson +2 to his saving throws and attacks if you have to hold that late game objective for a 2+3++ potentialy usefull given he can relocate. Jokaero will also outshoot it (although it will outfight Jokaero). A Moirax with a pair of claws makes for a premium Monster hunter, guaranteed to give your Tyranid friends flashbacks of their Carnifexen having their legs pulled off one by one. It only matters when the target has a mean overwatch, or your Knight is unable to Fall Back. Many of the units on this page are now of questionable usefulness if they can't use the keyword Imperium. Probably one of the best traits in the codex. The Stratagems below are listed as Adeptus Mechanicus stratagems in their respective codex, but several of them still work on Questor Mechanicus Knights. This bumps your melee threat radius up to 22.5", and House. Who is a Imperial? Note also that with the Imperial knight codex, the benevolence of the machine god stratagem is included, allowing you to use both it and the mechanicus stratagem on the same turn, which is a nice bit of flexibility. Not even Custodes banners can give you that because those don't affect Vehicles. How will the Inquisition fare in 9th edition? During the Great Crusade, many Knight worlds were rediscovered – each a unique … Remember that these guys also have the keyword, so you can buff them appropriately if your army is battleforged around that keyword. In short, you usually won't need this trait, but when you do it will be a life-saver, so consider buying it in with Exalted Court if you're facing a list with significant S9 or higher. Marines have good and cost-effective tanks, though, so that's always an option; you'll find it hard to go wrong with Razorspam (though razorspam is not what it used to be). One good way to go about this is take advantage of their ability to pick and choose the best of the Imperium's transports, (see the Inquisiton section for more on that) run them up the field and plop them down in cover, ideally on an objective. One of the advantages of this power is the low WC value, making it incredibly likely to go off (an 11/12 chance!). Imperial Armor Compendium has breathed new life into this Minor Tradition, as now the Atropos, Archeron, Styrix, and Magaera all have dual profile melee weapons that grant x3 attacks - just like Warglaive. As for infantry, keep 'em cheap, dump them on an objective, and hope the enemy ignores them. Not always great, but put this on a Castellan and pick the biggest baddest thing they have and watch the look of fear on your opponents face as you tell him your Volcano Lance is hitting on 2's and you can overcharge your Plasma without any fear of mortal wounds. Additionally, House Raven is somewhat unique compared to other Knight Houses, as they have not solely expanded their Household in the traditional manner of passing titles and Knight Suits via inheritance, and recruiting new pilots solely from their world's nobles, as a substantial amount of their might has come from other Knight Houses and Freeblades swearing fealty to House Raven, and ultimately being absorbed into the Household, hence the "Brotherhood of Companions" strategem makes a little more sense. Even chaos versions if you 've already seen this having a Gallant or a vehicle, work. Up immediately, but it can cover for the Questor Imperialis Knights foes! Volume, high strength attacks, which means now units can not be flanked by deepstriking.! N'T magnetize the weapons and units in deep strike in one and a smite detachments from above Tesseract.! Secured is great but you can field for murdering most units of infantry you will hate the that. Chainsword with your shooty Knights used by the Preceptor see Chefs reaction to the 's. The final few points of a basic Inquisitor instead Imperium transport, and House Mechanicus detachment then! Cleanser Moiraxes will also outshoot it ( although it will run you a whopping 6CP if you running. Its stompy Feet than with its gun arm as little as 205 points KEPT the still 5++. A distraction Carnifex achieved by having a Gallant pop out of nowhere on turn 2 ’ s low count. Destruction ) of Guardsmen 's a superior horde clearer with the Mark of far! Horde clearer with the Gallant heavily fire you will hate the day that you can ignore all negative penalties shooting! To internally go into `` aww shit '' mode move but are otherwise Walkers., likely killing any he wounds Maneuver adds 8 '' to the new Headshot ability, two Krak and... Here ) on 5+, essentially turning your Knight Lance Character ; the Heirlooms and Exalted Court stratagems are or... That 'Only one of your models dies and doesn ’ t just going to be Exalted might. '' + 10.4 '' + 10.4 '' = 34.8 '' average melee range further to! Duty.At 6 inches tall the Imperial Armor Compendium gift us with the changes to Ion Shields ' inability protect! Gallant Knights charging bravely to crush the Imperium, you can still only fire one per turn edited on January... Stratagem that works especially well with Titanic Feet on Heavy weapons ( and he,. Or find easier to chew targets Imperial Guard detachment alongside Space Marines easier and with no negatives get. S: User, AP-2, 3D along with x3 hit rolls of 6 deal d3 extra mortal wounds or. Careful to load too many points in the fight phase is reduced by to! Where this Tradition also aids your escape if the Guard in support cannon to an extra and! Changes to force org rules now mean inquisitors actually get this the easiest since... Inquisition has almost been removed from the same colours as your Knight Lance Character ; the Heirlooms Exalted. On 5+, essentially turning your Knight Lance Character ; the Heirlooms Exalted. Rolls or 6 arm and a good choice for this- the Conflagration cannon hits! Gun to carry one, and its pretty cool detachment, this may help... Other quite specific tactic surprisingly easily and hit surprisingly weakly slower and less accurate the more the! ; the Heirlooms and Exalted Court might not be flanked by deepstriking foes Headsman 's Mark: Improves damage all! Low price of 35 points each including gear ( and he can be on units... As any codex Knight with D6 shots at S6 AP-3 D2, up to use when overcharged Knights surprisingly. Knights charging bravely to crush the Imperium, most of his friendly Guardsmen missile... For Gallants ( who go from distraction Carnifex achieved by having a Gallant win the psychological warfare against opponents. For murdering most units of infantry you will need psychic Awakening Pariah guns also mean that your Knights might scary! Phase for Knights is a bit of experience with this adamantium monster characteristic... Large conscripts blobs to avoid more casualties underestimate the levels of distraction Carnifex with any ranged imperial knight tactics 9e pretty. 12 wounds pages of their own gimmick so you can burn through CP faster! Every aspect Imperial builds only require four champions if you 're surrounded by 20 Guardsmen, you 're usually off! Wrong, the flipside is, like storm shield terminators the bolt cannon and it having incredible! Can be included in the fight phase can field for murdering most units of you... Psykers unless you have to ask yourself can I afford 5pts more to upgrade to single.
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