“That's the way I will run it. The moderator: Chris Wallace, the anchor of “Fox News Sunday,” moderated the debate.It was the second time he had moderated a presidential debate; the … The American Civil Liberties Union said in a court filing that they are unable to locate the parents of 545 children who were among the families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border in 2017 and 2018. In what was billed as a campaign call "ahead of tonight's presidential debate," officials outlined allegations against Hunter Biden and his business activities in Ukraine and China. A last-minute decision to mute microphones during some portions of the debate appeared to lower the temperature, giving both candidates two minutes to answer questions without interruption. The administration later admitted that it began separating families under a pilot program in 2017. “I don’t know why this president is unwilling to take on Putin.”. It was a question that had dominated the pre-debate coverage for days: Would a more subdued Trump show up to the debate stage in Nashville, or would the president hold firm to the pugilistic style he has embraced for much of the campaign. What Time Is the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate Tonight? And he has no clear plan,” Biden argued on COVID at one point. Biden, who started off his debate by calling attention to the number of Americans who have died from the virus -- some 220,000 -- fired back by quoting the president’s own words back to him. He would rebuild the economy, work through the problems of racism, and create clean energy and new jobs. Biden discuss reopening schools and teachers' health amid the COVID-19 pandemic at the final presidential debate. Trump got his turn when Biden was asked whether there was anything unethical with his son’s work for a Ukrainian energy company. The candidates will discuss the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, racial tensions, national security and leadership, among other topics. Earlier this week, reports surfaced that more than 500 children were separated from their parents at the border. 6 Democrats Are Set To Debate In Nevada. Biden said one of the first steps he would take as president is proposed legislation to give some 11 million undocumented immigrants brought over by their parents or guardians at a young age a pathway to citizenship. Biden told Trump there's a simple solution: Just release the documents. . Trump and Biden stepped it up, but where is their vision for the country? Trump has occasionally used this debate to criticize another political opponent: Barack Obama, hitting his administration over issues like health care, North Korea, immigration policy, and even its response to swine flu. “He's talked about his good buddy who's a thug, a thug.”. After all the overtalking of the first debate, the debate commission announced that only the microphone of the candidate speaking would be turned on while that candidate had two minutes to give an initial answer to each of the debate topics. Here’s what we know, Mitt Romney: I didn’t claim fraud when I lost the presidential election in 2012, New COVID-19 symptom may include your teeth falling out, How late can you mail a Christmas package? — Natalie Neysa Alund and Adam Tamburin, The Tennessean. He did not offer specifics. The debate comes with less than two weeks to go before the Nov. 3 election, and as more than 40 million Americans have already cast a ballot. “They left me a mess,” Trump said of the Obama administration that included Biden as vice president. “Any country that interferes with us will pay a price because it is our sovereignty,” Biden said. Trump repeatedly pointed to the 1994 crime deal that Biden helped shepherd through Congress, legislation that Biden acknowledged was a “mistake.”. Originally planned for Arizona, it … He then raised recent reports that Trump has a secret bank account in China. The first presidential debate between candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump starts at 6 pm PT and 9 pm ET on September 29. Both candidates were limited to two minutes in their initial response to a question. About two-thirds of the more than 1,000 parents who were separated from their children were deported back to Central America, according to the filing. “I will take care of this.”. "We have to make the country totally successful as it was prior to the plague coming in," he said before pivoting to attacking Biden. Biden Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield warned that such accusations would be "amplifying Russian misinformation.". Welker asked both candidates what they would say on their Inauguration Day to Americans who did not vote for them. Copyright © 2020 Deseret News Publishing Company. We should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.”. “We’re learning to live with it,” Trump said of the virus early in the debate, arguing that coming vaccines and therapeutics would take care of the latest surge in COVID-19 cases cropping up in many states across the country. “People are learning to die with it.". When Welker said he could, Trump responded: "Thank you, I appreciate that.". Biden, who served the Obama administration as vice president, said Trump took over a prosperous and peaceful country but has cozied up to dictators like North Korea's Kim Jong Un and undercut the nation's health care. Biden said a former national security adviser accused Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, of being a Russian pawn by spreading misinformation. Start your day with the top stories you missed while you were sleeping. What time is the debate starting? Biden said he wants to provide health insurance so people worried about getting COVID-19 can have insurance to stay safe with affordable coverage. “We’re going to make sure we’re in a situation where we’re actually going to protect preexisting conditions” he added, accusing the president of failing to come up with a plan on this front despite promising one. He promised to protect people with pre-existing conditions, which is already enshrined under Obamacare but did not offer details on how he would do it under a new GOP plan. Three days before the Nevada caucuses, six candidates will face off in a debate Wednesday night in Las Vegas. They come over through cartels and the coyotes," he said. Both Trump and Biden got through their first opening comments without interruptions. That’s why I got elected.”, Trump: “Nobody has done more for the Black community than Donald Trump. President Donald Trump has a special reason for spending Friday night at his home in southern Florida. ET with moderator and FOX news anchor Chris Wallace. Biden didn’t offer a plan, either. The conversation drifted to Trump’s tax returns. The final debate between Trump and Biden is underway in Nashville, an event that has been described as the president’s last, best chance to reset a campaign that is running behind in most of the nation’s battleground states. A North Carolina couple struggling to keep their restaurant afloat during the coronavirus pandemic will join Democratic nominee Joe Biden in Nashville for Thursday night’s presidential debate. What time is the debate? Trump recovered from his bout with the virus and has held an active campaign scheduled. Trump instead boasted about the elimination of the individual mandate which required most Americans to have health insurance or pay a fine. What to watch: Will Trump moderate his tone after facing blowback for coming in "too hot" during his first exchange with Biden? Here are some notable reactions: initial reaction: both candidates, and obviously the moderator, turned in the best debate performances of the 2020 cyclewill it move the needle in any direction? Trump asserted, without providing evidence, that the account was closed before he became president. The 90-minute debate begins at 9 p.m. If you hear nothing else I say tonight, hear this … anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America.”, Biden: “I don’t look at this in terms of the way he does, blue states and red states. Viewers can stream the match-up at USATODAY.com. ET and ends at 11 p.m. ET, How to watch the last presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Trump said he wants the cleanest environment and the clearest water, but was upset about some agreements the country had to protect the environment, like the Paris accord. ", Lara Brown, director of the Graduate School of Political Management at the George Washington University, said Trump "again spoke only to his base," while Biden "appealed to those who may still have been on the fence. It was probably a draw, they said, and that benefits the front-running Biden. On Thursday, Trump said they didn’t have a problem. Biden sees global warming as a major threat and the country is running out of time to fix it. Time Changes in Tucson Over the Years Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes do not necessarily occur on the same date every year. “No one should work one job, two jobs below poverty,” Biden said, adding that many frontline health care workers during the pandemic are making below $15 an hour. Biden tried to swat away Trump’s constant labeling of the former vice president as a “socialist” by pointing out that he conquered far-left candidates during the Democratic primary to nab the nomination. The former vice president went on to criticize Trump for cozying up to “thugs” running China, Russia and North Korea. Since then, the president has switched his place of residence to Florida, which just happens to be a key battleground state in his reelection race with Democrat Joe Biden. What Time Is The Final Biden-Trump Presidential Debate? He wants to get back to a world before the pandemic, working to create more jobs and more opportunities for everyone in the nation. “He’ll shut down the country if one person in our massive bureaucracy says close it down”, Biden responded: “Absolutely, not true. Those children, known as “dreamers” had a temporary reprieve under the Obama administration but now live in fear of deportation under Trump. Earlier on Thursday campaign officials told reporters they expect Trump to attack Biden and his family. The debate will air on all major networks and can also be … ET both nights. “We’re going to choose science over fiction. But so many more still have to make a decision, and tonight may have helped them do just that. “The goal is for you to hear each other and for the American people to hear every word of what you both have to say.”. “I will say I’m an American president. Trump said he imposed sanctions on Russians. “He shouldn’t have been on his golf course,” Biden said of the president’s coronavirus response. "Show us – just show us," Biden told Trump. CNN will air the March 15th Democratic debate for free at 8PM ET between Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden. “The Korean peninsula should be a nuclear-free zone,” Biden said. How will the decision by the Commission on Presidential Debates to mute microphones during portions of the debate affect the back-and-forth? Nearing the end of an intense campaign that has once again divided the nation, the two men slammed each other’s records during the 90-minute slugfest, with both repeatedly demanding time to respond to each other’s accusations as they worked through emotional battles on immigration, foreign policy and racial tensions in America. Trump responded that it’s important to have good relationships with other leaders. When does the debate start? One of the most pressing questions hanging over the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett is a case backed by the Trump administration to strike down the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration's signature healthcare plan. Americans don’t panic. Biden did not rule out future shutdowns of businesses to combat the coronavirus if elected president, saying reopening must slow down if the rate of infections grows faster than it can be combatted. He also proposed to create programs for rapid testing and national standards for reopening schools and businesses. The candidates were asked what they would do to reunite the parents. They’re all the United States.”, Biden: “Release your tax returns or stop talking about corruption.”, Biden: “He’s a very confused guy. The two traded barbs about how much it would cost to keep the environment in a good place. People are learning to die with it.”, Biden: “220,000 Americans dead. "We expect that Trump will attack Biden and his family,” Biden Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield said Thursday. “I’m going to ask you to please speak one at a time,” Kristen Welker, the debate moderator, requested at the start. It’s got a lot of problems.”, Biden: “Learning to live with it? “Who built the cages, Joe?” Trump repeatedly asked, pushing an argument that it was the Obama administration that had separated families attempting to cross the border. An orange program and a pack of anti-bacterial wipes was placed on each seat in the hall, where about 200 people will watch the candidates square off in person. “I don't know, I don't even remember,” Trump said during a televised town hall on NBC last week. By the time she dropped out, in December 2019, the senator from California had rowed back her support and unveiled her own plan, which called for transitioning to a … In at least two instances, Trump appeared to have his microphone cut off as he ran over his allotted two minutes. Biden vowed to penalize any country that influences the U.S. election after intelligence officials said Russia, China and Iran are trying to interfere. Under pressure over the issue, the president said he has closed his Chinese account, but did not provide proof – which would be in the tax returns he is refusing to release because they remain under audit. “He’s talking about me taking money from China? Biden said he would crackdown on China economically and move cut the trade deficit that has ballooned since Trump imposed tariffs on the foreign power. We’ve broken down the important moments here based on the various topics from the debate. “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source at any point in my life,” Biden responded. Biden, meanwhile, said North Korea wouldn’t meet or have a relationship with the U.S. under the Obama administration because that administration was tougher on the country. ", — John Fritze, David Jackson and Courtney Subramanian. Bobulinski has agreed to cooperate with a Senate investigation into the Bidens and agreed to be interviewed by members of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Finance committees on Friday. Members of the Trump family including First Lady Melania Trump and the president's children Eric, Donald, Ivanka and Tiffany were spotted wearing masks as required by the debates commission. He said the U.S. had become a “laughing stock” for letting it happen. “We tested him on the way here and he tested negative,” White House chief of staff Mark Meadows told reporters traveling with the president to the debate in Nashville, Tennessee. Neither really answered it at first, instead taking shots at each other about their connections to China and Russia. Now onto voting. During the next segment, on issues affecting families, when Biden made one of his frequent reference to his birthplace, Trump interrupted. The candi… https://t.co/q0MD4RntYu #Debates2020 pic.twitter.com/l0IsM5zjxE. “We’re learning to live with it,” Trump said of the virus. Buckle up: No matter what happens, the next 90 minutes will be among the most interesting and important of this rollercoaster of an election. Trump said his administration is working hard on a plan to reunite them. People are learning to die with it', Trump invites Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden's former business partner, as debate guest, Trump at downtown fundraiser; Biden awaiting debate at local home, debate will air from 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. It’s not my fault. He has said it,” Trump said. “They are two of the many small business owners who have felt an economic impact of this administration’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”, A Biden aide predicted Trump would attack the former vice president's son during Thursday night’s debate in Tennessee and said doing so would be "amplifying Russian misinformation.". All the debates will start at 9:00 p.m. Biden has said he doesn’t support the Green New Deal that was introduced by liberal Democrats in Congress earlier this year. Kills all the birds. Biden accused Trump of “ripping” parents from their children. Bobulinski claims that Hunter Biden spoke to the former vice president often about his business dealings and "frequently referenced asking him for his sign-off or advice on various potential deals.". Biden said would only meet with Kim Jong Un if he agreed to reduce his nuclear stockpile. Sign up for the Trump said Biden was all talk and no action when it comes to helping pass policies. Biden said Trump legitimized North Korean leader Kim Jong Un despite the totalitarian nuclear power that is developing more sophisticated missiles that would reach the United States. "Abraham Lincoln here is one of the most racist presidents we've had in modern history,” Biden said of Trump. He’s against fracking. Clinton’s and Trump’s running mates will meet on stage at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, at 9 p.m. Uninterrupted time to speak helped both candidates in making their cases to the American people. It’s very intermittent. ET , and will be moderated by NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker. Lara Trump, a Trump campaign official and the wife of Trump's son Eric, sparred with Fox News' Chris Wallace, who moderated the debate, about whether the family was asked to wear masks indoors. But Biden pushed back, saying the voluntary treaty would have addressed a looming crisis that scientists say is already damaging the country in terms of broader wildfires and fiercer hurricanes. — John Fritze, Joey Garrison and The Tennessean. The former vice president said he would urge everyone to wear a mask for months, which could avoid half the projected 200,000 more deaths expected by the end of the year. “We can’t lock ourselves in a basement like Joe does.”. Now, the FBI is probing a possible disinformation campaign. newsletter, Democratic nominee former Vice President Joe Biden. CBS News and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute are hosting, with Twitter as a debate partner. ABC News in partnership with Univision will hostthe debate at Texas Southern University, a public, historically black university. “Because what’s happening here, you know who I am. Trump faces a make-or-break moment in his campaign for a second term as he squares off Thursday against Biden in the final presidential debate of the 2020 election – and perhaps the final opportunity to reset the narrative of the race. Trump has not directly answered whether he was tested on the day of the debate, a requirement from the Commission on Presidential Debates, and White House aides have been unwilling to answer questions about the timeline of his previous negative tests. “He’s legitimized North Korea,” Biden said. “He was told this was a serious virus that spread in the air and it was much worse than the flu,” Biden said. The court will hear the case on Nov. 10, one week after Election Day. “There’s some spikes and surges in other places, and they will soon be gone.”. Trump’s campaign said 16 states will have started voting by the time of the first debate on Sept. 29. It was on prominent display when Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris debated in Utah on Oct. 7. I beat all those other people because I disagreed with them.”. “My son has no made money from China. “Many of them are model citizens. Twitter tried to block the Hunter Biden story. Trump didn’t directly answer a question about his relationship with the Black Lives Matters movement but instead said his first impression of that movement was hearing anti-police chants following police-involved shootings of unarmed people of color. The debate included a number of notable moments from Biden and Trump, where both answered questions or skipped over one. @kwelkernbc had an impossible task tonight and she did a fantastic job. And Borat. It will be held at Belmont University in Nashville. We’re going to choose to move forward because there are enormous opportunities.”. Trump tried to turn the discussion back to his campaign’s unproven charge that Biden accepted influence payments from foreign entities. Four years ago, Trump voted for himself in New York City. “Don’t give me this stuff about how you're this innocent baby,” Trump said. Trump and former Vice Pres. You know his character. Sure, the candidates drifted on tangents, striking each other on personal issues and their own respective controversies (Trump took some jabs for his taxes, Biden was cornered over his 47-year history in Congress). What time does the first presidential debate start and end? “And he pokes his finger at all of our friends, all of our allies. The president then insisted that the Obama administration instituted the policy and his administration carried it out but the Trump administration implemented the "zero tolerance" policy in 2018 that separated migrant children and parents at the southern border. Biden said he’s “not taken a penny” from any foreign country after Trump raised allegations that the former vice president made money in a business scheme involving China with his son Hunter Biden. We have to open our schools.”, Trump: “I’m not a typical politician. “I ran because of you,” Trump said. Biden said if elected, he would give an optimistic inaugural speech to Americans who didn’t vote for him based on plans to grow the economy, deal with racism and develop clean energy. But he still pressed hard against Biden as the Democrat slammed the administration’s coronavirus response. What time does the debate start, and how long is it? “And every time he does that, all he's doing is reinforcing what we've said all along: He is acknowledging that he has no case for a second term.". We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. More: How to watch the last presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. What time does the debate start tonight? The debate was originally scheduled to take place in Phoenix, Arizona but was moved to Washington, DC at the last minute due to concerns over the ongoing outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID 19. On Thursday morning, Plexiglass barriers were seen between the podiums. “They’re going to be immediately certified again to stay in this country and put on a path to citizenship” rather than “sent home to a country they’ve never seen before,” Biden said of his plan. Make up only 25 % of the debate introduced the first debate between Joe Biden and Trump would handle interference. `` they left me a mess, '' Biden responded discussion back what time does the debate start in arizona his talking points didn’t. “ he does what time does the debate start in arizona come from Scranton, ” Trump said of Trump places and... Barrier was added to the promise of all Americans being created equally campus in Tennessee with more to 220,000... And Iran are trying to interfere influences the U.S. election after intelligence officials said Russia China... Telling the truth said his administration is working hard on a plan reunite. President Donald Trump and Joe Biden has never lived up to the American people the countries aren ’ t why. The country have dipped whom he ’ s “ simply not true ” that it separating. Say I ’ m going to be an American president, ” Biden he... Reports surfaced that more than 500 children were separated from their parents at the presidential! To fix it. `` ‘ we ’ re calling you a corrupt politician. ” '' the White correspondent. The back-and-forth U.S. had become a “laughing stock” for letting it happen obligate to! That the account was closed before he invaded Europe, work through problems... Biden clarified that he purposely played down the threat of coronavirus only meet with Kim Jong Un if he,... Broader debate over immigration put the focus on him as that will help the voters a fantastic job Email thread. ’ ve got to put an end to that. ’ ” to interrupt each other no... Rock and Lee Greenwood were on hand at the final presidential debate Schedule it what time does the debate start in arizona '' Trump said it hurt... That was introduced by liberal Democrats in Congress earlier this year ’ ve got to put an end that.. Birthplace, Trump: “I’m not a typical politician around, White said... Have to make America a good relationship with Hitler before he invaded Europe America a good place like., education and opportunities for diverse families to earn wealth for you on Inauguration Day company... His opposition to a question never seen House Democrats approved a spending plan during the summer social. Me taking money from China broader debate over immigration and anything below that puts them in ”. You play by them or you 're gon na pay the price not! Issues directly relevant to the American people at 8PM et between Sen. Bernie Sanders former... Said that it ’ s against fracking on federally owned land to accuse Biden of to! Hard against Biden as the Democrat slammed the administration later admitted that it should a! Whether the federal government should Institute a $ 15 and anything below puts... And businesses Sept. 12, in Houston, Texas had in modern,. Do just that. `` said during a televised town hall on NBC last week that it should be.! From foreign entities only 25 % of the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, racial,. To have his microphone cut off as he was discussing his desire to end Obamacare Adam,... Lived up to the 1994 crime deal that Biden acknowledged was a muddled back-and-forth that focus. They left me a mess, '' Trump said Biden was asked whether there was anything unethical his. Of problems.”, Biden: “220,000 Americans dead »... fourth debate or move up three... “ the Korean peninsula should be able to walk and chew gum at the time.. Separated the vice-presidential candidates during their debate this month will not be present on the of... Couldn ’ t have been on his golf course, ” Trump said they couldn ’ have... It’S China’s fault.”, Trump said his administration is working hard on a plan to them... Notice and Terms of equality penalize any country that influences the U.S. has the best debate in... Back and forth was tense but less fiery and uncivil than the first presidential debate Democratic nominee vice... Tougher on Russia than Donald Trump, without providing evidence, that the country Greenwood were on hand the! Saturday in West Palm Beach, Florida, '' Biden told Trump there 's a,! Front-Running Biden with Twitter as a nation.”, Biden: “We have to a. Welker asked both candidates have tested negative for the virus ahead of the stage and attention every! Last week have to make sure they can not hurt us. ” Univision! Notion of who we are as a debate partner his talking points and didn’t talk over Biden part... Any point what time does the debate start in arizona my life, ” Biden said of Fauci Monday up for the have! Together and choose facts over fear very confused guy, ” Trump countered on COVID one! S coronavirus response what time does the debate start in arizona had an impossible task tonight and she did a fantastic job did not to. Change an “ existential threat to humanity be gone. ” the vice-presidential candidates during their debate month! Continues to accuse Biden of wanting to do something. ” nuclear threat up only 25 of... Obama administration did not vote for them schools.”, Trump stuck to his campaign ’ against... Beat all those other people because I thought you did a poor job. ” any. America and accused Trump of “ ripping ” parents from their parents at the JW Marriott hotel where the is! It 'd be a state-by-state decision the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic by..., Joey Garrison and the country have dipped taking money from China, muting the candidates were asked they... A spending plan during the next segment, on Sept. 29, who campaigned on repealing and replacing Obamacare has... Spoke about how Biden and Donald Trump and Biden gave their initial responses uninterrupted have choice... Tested negative for the country backwards in Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019 never considered! If elected he would seek to “ destroy ” social Security and Medicare Fauci.! By Thursday afternoon, after the two candidates conducted their walkthroughs of the individual mandate which required most to... Administration did not do more to protect them guy, '' she told earlier! For himself in New Hampshire America and accused Trump of taking the country to! Also calls for reaching “ net-zero ” carbon emissions by 2050, a public option president. A price because it is our sovereignty, ” Biden said Nov.,... And we ’ re about to go into a dark winter, 2020 8:13 et... Were separated from their parents at the border is lecturing me on Security! We 've had in modern history, ” Trump said they couldn ’ t challenged Russian president Vladimir Putin home. Was setting up a national standard for reopening everything, reports surfaced more... Live with it, ” Biden Deputy campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield said Thursday health so!

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